Рынок цифровых товаров

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Database of building materials in MySQL, consisting of 6228 material, divided into 37 categories and 190 subcategories will help to orient in a modern building market, calculate repair costs and create a shop selling construction materials. For each material, there is a field name of the goods, the description of its characteristics, the manufacturer of the goods and the average cost per unit and product image, the icon also has and subcategories.

Buying a product, you get a link to download the file and the password for this file. Inside archive - sql file encoded cp-1251. Database size 11 MB, 79 MB with pictures.

You can also order a change of structure of the database engine for your site.
29.07.2014 19:04:54
Отличная база, спасибо продавцу за качество.

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