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Directory of the most well-known and new types of small arms, separated by categories: Pistols and revolvers, pistols, machine guns, rifles, machine guns and assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers, 721 contains a description of the model with a detailed description and performance characteristics, and the imaging model each modification.

The base consists of three tables: category (which lists categories of weapons), guns (a reference to the category, the model name, manufacturer and description of the country), images (a reference to a model, and a brief description on picture modification). Database size picture 49 MB. Encoding: utf-8.

Buying a product, you get a link to download the file and the password for this file. Inside archive - sql database dump and a folder with pictures.
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Редкая и интересная база. Довольно полная подборка всего стрелкового оружия в мире.