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The most complete database in runet all metal, rock, thrash, gothic, etc. - 1525 groups with 2177 photographs of teams, with 6874 albums and covers them, and 65,241 texts and translations of songs from these albums. Database size 530 MB.

The base consists of 6 tables: bands (group list), bandsimage (photos kollektvov), albums (albums of), albumimage (album 300X300), albumimagethumb (thumb-s obozhek albums 100X100), songs (songs of the album, with the text on native language and translation).

Buying a product, you get a link to download the archive (180 MB). Inside archive - MySql database dump in UTF-8.
You can also order a change of structure of the database engine for your site.
02.05.2021 8:05:57
После 3 дневных мук и споров - наконец продавец решил вопрос с кодировкой базы. Хоть на том спасибо.
29.04.2015 11:49:44
пример готовой баз данных, которая по сути представляет хороший музыкальный информационный ресурс.