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The database of conspiracies, signs and magic contains interesting information divided into 5 categories: MAGIC AND RELIGION, FOLK SIGNS, MAGIC OF MONEY, MAGIC OF LOVE, SPELLS and 27 subcategories (Fate codes, Success codes, Removal of damage, Encyclopedia of symbols, Conspiracies for water, Conspiracies, for money, etc.) There are 2290 entries in total, each of which consists of a title, links to a category and subcategory, and the description itself. (An example of an entry can be seen in the image of the database). Base encoding - cp1251, size 9.8 MB.
When buying a product, you will receive a link to download the archive and a password to it. Inside the archive is a dump of the MySql database.
You can also order a change in the structure of the base for the engine of your site.
18.04.2018 1:56:37
Скачал БД, все отлично. Спасибо продавцу mysqlcontent отличный контент!