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Homework methodical instructions "Society as a socio-cultural system" (developed by EB Ryazanov, AA Malakhin, ed., Kozlov) for SGA and MGRS. Units 2.

Number of pages: 19. There is cover, contents pages are numbered.

Homework includes the following tasks performed:

1. Make a logic circuit (15 color schemes)

2. The following are five examples of human actions. Which of them is the influence of social and why?

1) The student writes the essay on sociology.

2) My mother preparing breakfast for the family.

3) The professor gave a lecture to students.

4) The head of the company puts his signature on the order of the enterprise.

5) Retired makes an evening stroll in the park.

3. Give five examples of social interactions from your daily life.

4. Set the line between the concepts of:

5. Give examples of social relations.

1) Parents, children

2) The adults-children

3) teacher-student

4) Men-Women

6. Fill in the missing signs of society:

4) ...

5) ...

7. In the left column of the table lists the main functional requirements (functions) of any social system of T. Parsons, and the right - a subsystem ensuring the implementation of the functional requirements. It is necessary to determine which of the subsystems ensures that each of these functional requirements.

8. Fill in the right-hand side of the table

9. The left side shows the concept. Fill in the right-hand side of the table. Give an example of 2-3 subcultures and counter-cultures, customs, traditions and rituals that exist in our society

10. In the first column of the table given typology of societies, in the second A surname authors typologies. It is necessary to indicate who is the author of each of the typologies of companies.

11. The following are the definitions of the two concepts. Determine which of them belongs to the concept "subculture" and which - to the concept of "counterculture." Explain what is similar and what is the difference between subculture and counterculture.

12. The following are the definitions of the two concepts. Determine which of them relates to the concept of "moral norm", and what - to the concept of "rule of law". Explain what the basic similarities, but what - the distinction between moral and legal norms.

13. In the left part of the table given concept. Give examples of shared, in your opinion, the majority of Russian society moral norms and taboos.

14. In the left part of the table indicate their social status, and the right - social roles.

15. Match the following judgments of the state and name those that are most relevant to the sociological understanding of this category.

16. Be sociological imagination and set the correspondence between social status and professional qualities.
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