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Homework methodical instructions "Society as a socio-cultural system" (developed by EB Ryazanov, AA Malakhin, ed., Kozlov) for SGA and MGRS. Units 2.

Number of pages: 19. There is cover, contents pages are numbered.

Homework includes the following tasks performed:

1. N. Smelser Sociology textbook has a chapter "Sociology of cousins." Taking advantage of this "family" view, call relatives sisters sociology.

2. Determine the status of sociological theories, referred to in the following excerpt from the article by Sztompka:

3. Create a system-table.

4. Set the correspondence between the concepts.

5. From the list of proposed science write out those in respect of which serves as a generalizing sociology of science ...

6. Fill in the right-hand side of the table with three specific examples of each type of theories.

7. The following methods of sociology, group two main types: general scientific and public-research ...

8. It is known that the 30-ies. before the beginning of the 60s there was a break in the development of sociology in our country ceased studies, sociology interpreted as bourgeois tehnauka. Explain the reasons for the break.

9. Set the correspondence between authors and theories (concepts) that they have developed.

10. Make a table showing the sequence of occurrence of various sociological trends and schools and their most prominent representatives

11. Match the names of sociologists and years of their lives.

12. Fill in the blanks in the phrase:

13. In his work "The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism," Weber concluded ... Pick an example.

14. The American sociologist James. Mead proceeded from the ... Pick examples.

15. Make a table of similarities and differences between the theories of functionalism and conflict theory

16. Of these concepts, select those that ushered in the scientific revolution Weber ...

17. What are the general term collection of these concepts and names:

18. The principle of the system structure of society by T. Parsons means that for the survival of any system must perform four basic functions. What are these functions and expand their contents.


In the left column in alphabetical order are the main methods of social research, and the right - in the same order are distinct objects of study. Define a rational method of studying each object.

20. Place your views known sociological research in order to match the settings of scale and complexity of the tasks.

21. Determine what kind of these types of sociological research is the study panel:

22. The left column lists the main stages of sociological research, the right - the contents of these steps in any order. It is necessary for each phase of the study to determine the correct content.

23. Make a table containing a list of the main points of the program of sociological research.

24. Make a table in the left column which should list the types of hypotheses, and the right - the requirements for hypotheses.

25. Pick up at three examples of closed and open-ended questions that are commonly used in questionnaires.

26. In the left column shows the main methods of collecting primary sociological information. In the right column, you must specify the species of each method.

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