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course project on methodological guidelines "Marketing" (developed by N.A. Bondareva, Candidate of Economic Sciences, edited by I.S. Stepanov, Doctor of Economics, Professor) for Moscow State University of Civil Engineering and the State Academy of Civil Engineering.

Option 23. Settlements for two services
A-finishing works of European quality (4.5 thousand m2),
B-arrangement of wooden structures for housing facilities (2.5 thousand m2)
registration and calculations strictly according to the methodology!
The course project includes the following sections:
1. Introduction (essence, features and functions of marketing in relation to the construction industry)
2. Selection of the target segment in the construction services market (target groups of potential consumers / segments / are identified, to which certain types of construction services will be oriented)
3. The study of the stages of the life cycle of the product (the definition of the life cycle is given, its features in construction, graphs of the life cycle by phases are built)
4. Analysis of production costs (calculated production costs at the maximum capacity of the construction organization)
5. Determination of the competitiveness of an enterprise (competitiveness was calculated for individual elements of the marketing mix: product, price, product promotion, general financial indicators)
6. Pricing (calculation methods) (three pricing methods are considered: "cost-oriented price", "demand-oriented price", "competitor-oriented price")
7. Determining the price using a multi-attribute product model (calculated consumer value and market price of the product)
8. SWOT - analysis (a SWOT analysis was carried out, answers were given to the questions: "How can an enterprise eliminate its weaknesses and compensate for the impact of existing threats?", "How can an enterprise use its strengths to realize the existing market opportunities?"
9. Development of questionnaires (2 questionnaires for service consumers have been developed).
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