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Frame A4 (vertical), issued in the form footer. Document Format - docx

Automatically mark, in the frame of the first page number, the number of pages in the document.

Document frame consists of 2 pages:

* 1st Page - frame, made as a footer (an area outside the page). To enter data, click on the border of the frame. Then set the cursor to the desired field and type the text.

Note: you do not need to enter the first page number and the number of pages in the document. These figures are put down automatically.

* 2nd page - empty, you can enter the main text. Page already numbered.

To print a document:

Option 1: fill the page with a frame, fill out the rest of the pages (when adding a page numbering will be applied automatically). Click File - Print.

Option 2: You can display a blank page with a frame on the already printed. For example, you printed a page with content. Insert it into the printer. Open frame, edit the data. Click File, Print, and your frame is printed on top of a finished page.


-If a low-power computer, then under option 1, it can slow down

-When printing edge of the frame can be cut. This is due to the printer. Distance from the beginning of the text or image to the edge of the page should not be less than 0.5 cm, or part of this region or the image may not be properly formed (the inkjet printer, this distance is more). Before you print a document, view it in the preview. If necessary, reduce the size of the frame.

-If the first page you should start, for example 5, then go to the Insert tab, the page number. In the Format menu, select the page number. Select Page Numbering - Start with 5.