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101. Calculate the (delta) Go298 for the following reactions:

a) 2NaF (a) + Cl2 (g) = 2NaCl (a) + F2 (z)

b) PbO2 (a) + 2Zn (a) = Pb (a) + 2ZnO (k)

Can receive fluoro by reaction (a) and restore PbO2 zinc according to reaction (b)?

After payment You get a ready-made solution to the problem in chemistry from 101 manuals for external students Shimanovich IL 2004. (Same as the manuals in 2001, 2003 - but just in case check against the conditions).

The decision is made in the format WORD (a racshirenie nomer_zadachi.doc). Archived archiver in ZIP archive. The solution passed repeatedly in the leading universities of the country, all the mistakes and shortcomings corrected.

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04.11.2020 10:11:00
отличное решение. спасибо
09.07.2020 10:08:14
Хорошо расписано, все в печатном виде.

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