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Homework methodical instructions "Role of philosophy in human life. Historical types of philosophy" (developed NF Medushevsky, ed., Kozlov) for SGA and MGRS. Units 1.

Logic colored and drawn with SmartArt in Office 2010 (11 color charts).

Number of pages: 11.

There cover, contents pages are numbered
Homework includes the following tasks performed:

1. Set the correspondence between the names of ancient Greek philosophers and their teachings:

Heraclitus a) naive spontaneous dialectic

Parmenides b) the atomistic doctrine

Democritus) theory of being

Plato d) the doctrine of the world of ideas

2. What are the features characteristic of the philosophical thinking of the Middle Ages:

3. From the list, highlight the main ideas of the French Enlightenment philosophy:

- The priority of reason as the highest court in solving problems of human society;

- Sensationalism;

- The idea of \u200b\u200bhistorical progress;

- Agnosticism;

- Deism;

- Dualism;

- Criticism;

- Clericalism.

4. Distribute the representatives of the philosophy of positivism to 4 graphs: Mach, Auguste Comte, Herbert Spencer, M. Schlick, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Karl Popper, Kuhn, Paul Feyerabend, I. Lakatos, B. Russell, R. Avenarius:

"First" positivism

5. Determine to what direction existentialism are its representatives:

Jaspers -

Heidegger -

Marcel -

Camus -

JP Sartre -

6. Determine which areas to Russian philosophy XIX-XX centuries, philosophers include:

AI Herzen -

NG Chernyshevsky -

NA Berdyaev -

VS Solovyov -

SN Bulgakov -

AS Hamsters -

GV Plekhanov -

7. Install the line that indicates the position of philosophical´s called thinkers:

1. Materialists a) Hegel

2. The idealists b) Fichte

c) Feuerbach

d) F. Schelling

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