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Homework methodical instructions "Theoretical Foundations of philosophy: problems, concepts, prinitspe" (developed NF Medushevsky, ed., Kozlov) for SGA and MGRS. Units 2.

Logic colored and drawn with SmartArt in Office 2010 (20 color charts).

Number of pages: 16

There cover, contents pages are numbered
Homework includes the following tasks performed:

1. Mark the scientific criteria that are applicable to scientific truth:

- The principle of verification;

- The principle of relativity of knowledge;

- The principle of falsification;

- The principle activity of the knowing subject;

- Rational principle.

2. What are the most common criterion of social progress:

- The growth rate of production, productivity;

- The level of democratization of social life;

- An increase in human happiness and goodness;

- The degree of freedom of production workers from exploitation;

- The degree of complexity of the structure of the system;

- A man, his position in society, taking into account the opportunities that it provides society for its intellectual, spiritual and physical development.

3. What are the thinkers who developed the civilizational approach to the description of the historical process.

- Arnold Toynbee;

- Aristotle;

- VS Solovyov;

- Spengler;

- Comte;

- Ludwig Wittgenstein;

- NY Danilevsky.

4. Name of the thinker who developed formational approach to the description of the historical process.

- LN Gumilyov;

- Plato;

- St. Thomas Aquinas;

- Karl Marx;

- Martin Heidegger;

- Karl Jaspers.

5. Restore the missing elements in the circuit.
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