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RUSSIAN NATIONAL IDEA found! It is a system of self-salvation titled RUSSIAN or effective bodybuilding bodybuilding - EFBODIBILDING.

How to live - that's what this book. It is about a person from different angles. Generally books outlining many truths. But this - something else entirely. It sets out a harmonious and self-sufficient system responses to the "eternal, accursed questions" regarding topics of interest to a greater or lesser extent all and always. Everything in this system is aimed at to relieve you of mental clamped, made to work, so that you finally understand myself and began to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling lives. The author would like to stir you and hopes that he succeeded.
Podrbno set forth a unique system of physical and moral health.

The reader is first introduced to the new teaching method improvement - EFBODIBILDINGA system.

In the book formulated tested in practice the basic principles of human ecology.

We use the experience of the American creator Joe Weider bodybuilding and Russian nugget - the creator of the natural system of healing PK Ivanov.

An experienced reader will find some echoes of irrational ideas of Zen Buddhism, which the author has tried to present a rational, Western languages.
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