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Video Course

It will help you to "from scratch" to learn the basics of conducting

contextual advertising on Yandex, as well as

to master its intricacies, can bring

long-awaited victory in the competition.

The desire to ensure regular sales with a minimum of time and expense inherent in every Internet entrepreneur.

However, not everyone can achieve this.

Increasingly, the promotion of products is reduced to a long and tedious SEO-Optimization, modest results which becomes visible not earlier than after 3 weeks of work. Not to mention when the wait for the coming months. And if not you can not take your position ...

=> There is a more reliable option!

Secrets of profitable contextual advertising on Yandex. Basics of Web Analytics "has no analogues on the Internet!

Video course contains over 8.5 hours of practical training, detailing mechanisms for creating and running a successful advertising campaigns on Yandex allows master the necessary skills "from scratch" in the shortest possible time.

The proposed system of automation of the key demands, highlight the most effective ads and sales control will allow for equal cost of contextual advertising is significantly ahead of the competition.

As a result, you will manage your own hands to create a reliable mechanism that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and make a profit almost immediately after launch!

Mastery of contextual advertising - it is an opportunity to receive a steady income, spending a minimum of effort.
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