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The program allows you to automate the process of records management in the organization.

Main features:

Ordering of registration and storage of documents

The program allows you to automate the registration and make the account documents for the following:

- By type (contract estimates), form (accounting, reporting), category (business, internal)

- On the expiration date, amount, currency (true for contracts, etc.)

- By authors, artists and responsible departments,

- By partner companies (with full coordinates companies)

- On the topic (perhaps description of the content)

- By status (running, completed)

- If the document is contained in the electronic form, specify the path to the file.

In general, the system is designed to support both paper and electronic documents.

The program allows you to organize storage of documents. The database indicates:

- Storage of documents (№ cabinet, shelves, folders ...)

- The date by which documents must be stored,

- The history of issuing documents on hand (who when he took)

For each document, you can fix an arbitrary additional information.

Any database table can be printed, exported to MS Word, MS Excel, HTML or text format. Import of data from other sources in the format MS Access, MS Excel.

Document control on terms

The system allows you to effectively manage the processes of movement and processing.

Implemented control work on documents at all stages:

- Fixed start and end dates of work with documents of each performer,

- Control the timing: There are automatic highlighting of unfinished tasks.

Document control for responsible executives

For each document traced the history of its passage through the responsible executives.

The system stores the complete contact information for staff - performers with their rights of access to information.

The program allows you to monitor the status of running processes and perform load analysis staff. Implementation of the system enhances performance discipline in the organization. It reduces the time coordination of documents and decision-making.

Online access to documents

The system allows you to make an instant search of the desired document. There are convenient ways to sort and filter data. It is easy to build complex logical query to the database and conduct advanced analysis of the stored information. Flexible configuration of access rights allows employees to differentiate access rights to documents.
Download a demo version of the program here:

Demo version has a time limit: 30 days, and has no functional limitations.
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