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"Parking" - is designed to automate accounting in car parks.

Thanks to a flexible accounting system, the program will conveniently keep track of all clients´ parking lot of data about their vehicles, monitor the arrival and departure, control fees, to obtain information on debtors, as well as information on the territory of the parking lot. Preparation of reports on all the data. Configuration is easily and quickly adjusted to the specific requirements of the customer.

Key features:

Keeping customer base parking

Accounting for customer information on their vehicles (type, model, state number, and others.). The program keeps a record of the time spent by a vehicle in the parking lot.

Check the vehicle exits

Control and check vehicles, fixing the date and time of arrival and departure.

Accounting for parking spaces

The possibility of obtaining information about the vehicles in the parking lot reserved, as well as free space (Table. "Parking". The backlight color: yellow - "rode out" Green - "In the parking lot").

Control of payment parking

Automatic calculation of the cost of services for each client. It allows a receipt for payment of services car park. (Illumination color in the Table. "In / Check / Payment": Red - "Debt" Cherry - "not paid".).

Keeping various directories (fees for payment, payment information and other car parks.). Storing information about employees, setting personal access rights

Prepare a variety of analytical reports on all data (Debtors parking, information about the vehicle, report the money and ....)

Minimizing typing errors, reducing time for processing applications

The ability to import and export database ...
Download a demo version of the program here:

Demo version has a time limit: 30 days, and has no functional limitations.
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