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"Personnel records" - is intended for complex automation of HR department. To date, no one organization can not do without personnel records and paperwork. This program is a great help in this field. It allows you to keep a record of the reception, transfers, layoffs, promotions charges. Fixes the attendance of employees, travel, vacation. Has the ability to document procedures for managing staff, registration of administrative documents, reports.

The program is simple and intuitively understandable for users, because they do not require qualified IT resources. The flexible structure of the database allows you to create new tables, reports, graphs, add fields, set lists and more. You can easily customize the program to their own problems without any special knowledge.

Key features:

Accounting for natural persons;

Maintain a list of individuals, the list of employees and their personal data;

Storage summary of each physical person with subsequent admission to employment;

Paperwork for each employee - hiring, transfer, dismissal; Formation of personal cards;

The ability to generate a report on the movement of personnel;

Keeping records of business trips and vacations;

Maintain a list of contracts of employment, the formation of printing plates;

Maintain staffing;

Into account the promotion of employees;

Accounting personnel orders;

Attendance records of employees with the ability to create a report;

The ability to schedule the leave;

The possibility of formation and accrual accounting for staff;


A set of standard reports with the ability to create new ones;

Import and export data.
Download a demo version of the program here:

Demo version has a time limit: 30 days, and has no functional limitations.
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