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"Accounting for vehicles" - is intended for complex automation of the calculation in road transport enterprises, organizations which have a fleet of vehicles, as well as for individuals who have private cars and want to maintain complete control of costs and repairs on them.

The program includes the following reports blanks

- Personal card driver.

- The act of securing the vehicle behind the driver.

- List of securing vehicles for drivers.

- Deadline (expired) period passage of the vehicle next week.

- Deadline (expired) the period of insurance of vehicles in the next week.

- Car.

The program will monitor the operation, transport operation, as well as the cost of funds, thanks to features like the vehicle registration, their documents, technical specifications, monitoring the timely discharge of insurance policies, as well as passing inspection (lighting columns with a certain color). The possibility of base drivers with reference to the vehicle, keeping the history of accidents, repair works on every vehicle. Control of certain activities on the vehicle mileage (oil changes, timing, brake pads, filters ....), and a reminder light. Preparation of reports on all the data. Configuration is easily and quickly adjusted to the specific requirements of the customer.

Key features:

Maintaining a database of vehicles

Directory of vehicles with information on them. Accounting for complete vehicle, control the expiry date documents vehicles.

Accounting for insurance policies TC

Control timely discharge of insurance policies CTP and Hull.

Accounting for repairs TC

Planning the maintenance of the vehicle. Accounting and control of repairs, both in its own repair zone and car repair.

Logging accident

Accounting for traffic accidents, accounting and control of repairs after an accident.

Accounting for expenses for each TC

Fixing and control of all expenditure on spare parts, tools, fuel and so on.

Accounting for drivers

Accounting for drivers contact data, registration and accounting of employment contracts and the transfer of vehicles, control validity of the document - medical certificates, driver´s licenses.

Prepare a variety of analytical reports on all data

Minimizing typing errors, reducing time for processing applications

Events on run TC

Tasks specific activities on run TC (oil changes, timing ...), with a reminder and highlighting specific color entries.

The ability to import and export database ...
Download a demo version of the program here:

Demo version has a time limit: 30 days, and has no functional limitations.
05.10.2019 10:05:13
Отличная программа
06.04.2017 10:13:03
29.05.2015 6:22:37
Отличная программа для небольших предприятий, удобный контроль за сроками страховки, ТО, обслуживаний и прочими мелочами
20.03.2014 12:19:55
спасибо за программное обеспечение столь нужное для повседневной работы!