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The script browser-based online games.

Very flexible script that allows you to create your own worlds in the game by using the map editor:

Each card - a separate world that you create from the admin area. Everything is edited and configured exactly the way you want.

A very powerful admin panel:

Quick Links

Management quests


Management experience

List zablochennyh

Checking stat

Login for characters

Zeroing characters

Deleting characters

Shoe base

Removal of clans

Check toons

Checking Player

Editor worlds

Editor localities

Map Editor

Editor teleports

Manage mines

Office buildings

Managing locks

Game locks

Editor bots

Editor Equipment

Editor elixirs

Complete sets of equipment

To optimize

Game sites


And this is not all of its functions (some handed directly to the modules. For example management forum is carried out from the "Forum").

Very flexible user setup, which allows you to give this or that enable any user to:

Built-in chat, forum (public forum, forums, clans, inter-clan forum the ability to regulate access of certain clans).

A few screenshots of the admin:

In addition to the game also has a game currency rubles that your players can recharge through the service "Robokassa." That is, it is possible to input Donat, which will make the game not only pays for itself but also profitable!

Designer quests nesopredstvenno from your browser - now you do not need to write PHP files with quests, and so on: all customizable from the admin area. Moreover, you can allow your players to create quests. After creating their quest it passes moderation in the administration. After that, if the administration approves the quest it will be available in the game!

And much much more!
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