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Many traders have repeatedly faced such a problem as the terminal crash. The terminal for a long time to boot, slows down and sometimes does not work instantly to commands for opening and closing, which leads usually to unfortunate consequences, namely loss of deposit due to technical reasons - you can call it that. As a rule, some are beginning to blame the DC is that they put their sticks in the wheels but the problem can only be in your terminal. This may be because a lot of information stored in the logs and history of the terminal, which is in fact not useful to you, but at the same terminal loads.

Clear script is designed to remove accumulated information collected in the terminal during its operation. Clear clears unnecessary files saved in folders history quotes, magazines terminal and the tester, the magazine works mailbox story.
Installing and using the script:

Place the file in the root folder of the terminal and run the script in two mouse clicks on the file. After a few seconds, cleaning will be completed. This will erase the data from the logs folder of the terminal and the tester, the magazine works, mailbox, history and the history of quotations. For convenience, you can later use to create such a shortcut to clear, right-clicking and selecting the shortcut menu to send the desktop, it's not to go every once in a folder of the terminal to clean the history and the log terminal.

*** The script is not mine. Taken from the network. It requires each trader using MT4 ***
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