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The book "100 Tips on How to Become a Successful Businessman" PP and LM (Resale Rights and Personal Brands) a set of selling graphics. Read more Bonus: My author mini-course "Alteration of information products and e-books with personal brand rights for myself" Another bonus book is "21 Ways to Increase Sales in Business". Read more
1. The book with resale rights and personal stamps “100 Tips for Becoming a Successful Businessman” and “21 Ways to Increase Sales in Business” can be sold at any price or handed out for free. And in both cases - without any restrictions;
2. You have the right to do anything with this book - to change the content in any form, add something on your own, completely change the design, insert any of your advertising information - on your projects, on affiliate products, etc .;
3. You can change as you wish everything that is included in the kit - from graphics (there are all source codes in PSD) to the site;
4. You can appropriate authorship;
5. You can distribute this book for free, use as a bonus or a gift, in any at your discretion promotions and in any case;
6. Sell advertising in a book on the principle of attracting sponsors;
7. The book is essentially a template for further modernization. You can use this book in the form in which it is now, or upgrade and make a completely different product.
8. Attention! Bonus: My author’s mini-course “Alteration of information products and e-books with personal brand rights for myself” does not have resale rights and a personal brand. For your personal use only!
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