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Transport program designed to maintain a record of vehicles, personnel, cash costs, scheduling service, repair and alerts about upcoming events.

The program is designed both for the organization, having its own fleet, and the ordinary motorists.

The program allows you to organize Transport information on refueling costs, purchase of parts and materials, maintenance and repairs.

Key features:

- Consideration of motor vehicles (including passport of the vehicle);

- Accounting list structure (with photos) personnel;

- Planning of maintenance and repairs;

- Accounting for costs of fuel, spare parts, tools ...;

- Accounting documents, store files in a single database;

- Reminders of upcoming events;

- Generate reports and charts.

- Multiplayer mode.

The program is suitable Vehicles:

- For companies with fleet and want to keep handy and easy registration of vehicles and personnel to be aware of upcoming events.

- For motorists who want to control events on the service, as well as the cost of the car.

The program consists of the following modules:

Module "Transport"

This module contains all the information about the vehicles (TC), travel time maintenance, insurance extension, perform certain activities controlled by run TC about all the other costs of the vehicle.

Module "Personnel"

This module contains all the information about employees, on assignment for the drivers of the vehicle, warning HR, medical examinations, accident, about violations of the rules of cash expenses.

Module "Calendar"

Is a tool for creating calendar and schedules of events. You can view information for days, weeks, months and years. Entries are added to the calendar as well as in paper organizer: click any length of time, and enter the information. New gradient colors allow you to quickly find the current date and time. The current time is displayed only in preview mode and day of the week. To remind you of appointments, meetings and events, you can use sound signals and messages, and to quickly identify the elements can change their color.

For clarity, in this table, depending on the current date or mileage the vehicle are highlighted record.

Control is carried out in the following fields:

Module "Transport":

- Table "Maintenance": the "Date of something";

- Table "insurance": the "end date";

- The table "Control measures": the "Run to perform ... (km)."

Module "Personnel":

- Table "Medicine": the "end date ...".

In the settings (Menu - Settings) can be independently set the backlight data records in the detail table.

Module "Warehouse"

This module is designed for the organization of inventory control with the following functions: accounting of goods, receipt, sale, keeping customers orders, tracking balances, cost accounting of funds, etc.

The module consists of the following tabs:

Goods - contains information on all products your organization: product name, description, type, price, product group, etc. For each item shown his picture with a photo. With the tool filter can be selected to display a group of goods necessary for the grounds.

Additions - contains data on the arrival of goods from suppliers: information on the document number, date, amount of product, name of the supplier, etc. At the bottom of the table summarizes the total value of all goods received.

Sales (Orders) - contains information on the type of sale, the form of payment, the amount, the customer´s name, etc. Upon the sale of all goods sold are written off from the warehouse. At the bottom of the table summarizes the total cost of sales.

State storage - contains the name of the product, product group, quantity, part number, the last
Download program can be here:

When registering the program, you must select the appropriate type of license.
The cost of registration of the program "motor Transport" depends on the number of vehicles.
The types of licenses and prices can be found on
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