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The program "motor Transport" allows you to organize information on refueling, costs, purchased parts and materials, maintenance and repair.
The program "motor Transport" is suitable:
- For companies that have a fleet of vehicles and want to keep a convenient and simple accounting of vehicles, personnel and be aware of upcoming events.
- For motorists wishing to control events on service, and also expenses on the maintenance of the car.

The program includes the following reports:
- Transport vehicle
- Autopark
- Personal card of the driver
- Staff
- Report on all goods
- Incoming goods
- Sell goods
- Commodity transactions

Reports are stored in the format of Word and Excel. If necessary, you can edit them yourself.

The program can run on multiple computers simultaneously with the same database.
Download program can be here:

When registering the program, you must select the appropriate type of license.
The cost of registration of the program "motor Transport" depends on the number of vehicles.
The types of licenses and prices can be found on
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