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Program Car maintenance is simple and convenient for automation of service stations, car washes, tire and etc. automation Program service center will ensure efficient and easy management of your garage.
Management program service has a number of advantages and qualities: Quick access to the database snapshot data search according to entered criteria, the possibility of network access, multiuser mode of operation, planning of balanced load jobs, keep the cash flow coming in cash and more — all in one helper program.

Main features program:
- Records the provision of services
- Pre-registration for services
- Account of the stages of execution of work and payments for each order
- The account of work performed by employees
- Creation and printing of accompanying documents (invoice, purchase order)
- Calculation of salaries depending on the production, accounting of rewards and penalties.
- Creation and printing of reports on the work car
- Cash flow
- Settlements
- Discounts (discount), including cumulative
- Bonuses
- Multiplayer mode
- Accounting of payroll (with pictures) personnel
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