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To start the required Steam-version of the game Dying Light.

The untold chapter from the life of Kyle Crane and the expanses beyond the walls of Haran. Leave the city and discover rural landscapes with a mass of mysterious characters, deadly weapons and unexpected tasks. Win the trust of the locals and find out the terrible secrets that have been kept for centuries by a strange cult. Drive a fully tunable machine, winding zombies on wheels, and enjoy the dashing cruelty of Dying Light.

Dying Light is a game whose goal is to survive in an open world. You have to wander around the city, get supplies and make weapons to repel the attacks of the crowds of the hungry enemies of the flesh, born of the epidemic. In the night, beware of those infected, whose strength is growing, and of more deadly predators.
I would really appreciate a review after purchase.

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28.11.2021 13:09:26
Purchased 28 / 11 / 2021
Dying Light: The Following DLC (ROW Steam Gift Region Free)

The seller Defik is simply THE BEST !!!
Thank you so much !!!

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