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Askiz program is designed to create jobs (orders) to employees of the organization and execution of subsequent control. Askiz program allows you to control executive discipline. Askiz program is convenient and easy to use. Apply program can practice immediately after installation.

What are the advantages Askiz program?
- We have developed a program of jobs has some undeniable advantages, which will be highly appreciated by users.
- Ease of use. Simple and intuitive interface allows you to master the program for the control tasks just 10 minutes.
- Functionality. Task management software developers have provided virtually all of the actions required that may arise during the execution of the task. An illustrative list of tasks allows you to monitor the execution process and correct it.
- Flexibility. The head has the ability to actively communicate with any employee, in writing, to give a detailed explanation regarding the job, and to make additions and clarifications. In addition, any task may be reassigned to another performer.
- Using the database Microsoft SQL Server on a computer with a public IP-address is possible not only on the local network and via the Internet to create jobs, monitor their performance, share comments, together to create work plans for projects! If you use Microsoft SQL Server DBMS number of concurrent connections to the database increases many times. This is a complete client-server architecture (as opposed to a file server on a Microsoft Access database file). The new format of MS SQL database created by MS Access database current. All data is transferred automatically. You get exactly the same database.
- Differentiation of access rights, the system of reminders of overdue tasks - this additional functionality Askiz program features
28.12.2017 7:54:53
Весьма удобная программа и в процессе оплаты не возникало проблем.
06.06.2016 15:09:48
Хороший функционал, своевременная тех. поддержка от разработчика.