Рынок цифровых товаров

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The program allows you to automate the process of creating orders for car washes, accounting services provided, depending on the type of vehicle, uniquely identify services with specific prices, obtain various reports in MS Word, MS Excel and many others. Other
The program is also suitable for automating shinomontozha and a small car service.
This configuration has a number of advantages: Quick access to the database, instant data search by entered criteria, the ability to access network, multi-user mode of operation, easily and quickly configured for specific customer requirements. The automation process includes the registration of all necessary information about the client, services (works), selection of performers, sales of related products, the formation and printing of documents, viewing reports.

Main functions:
- Create work order cards. In the card, store information about the vehicle, services provided (works), service providers (works), with the possible binding of employees performing the work (service), customer payments, the list of purchased goods.
- Pre-registration of services (work). Record customers on a date and time.
- Maintenance of the timetable for loading the boxes in the calendar.
- Daily shift formation.
- Maintain a catalog of clients. Summary information for each client, contracts, payments under the contract.
- Maintain a directory of services (works), a directory of goods.
- Maintain a staff directory. Full information on each employee, work performed (services).
- Maintain a catalog of vehicles.
- Print out the output forms: Order-order, Goods receipt.
- Forming reports on services rendered, contractors, shifts, etc. Ability to create new reports.
Download the demo version of the program here:

The demo version has a time limit of 50 days, and has no functional limitations.
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