Рынок цифровых товаров

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The program allows you to create an information base about customers, contractors, suppliers and other third-party counterparts. It will give you the opportunity to track all the key indicators of your business, automate many commercial processes, help you make informed decisions, manage sales, bill your accounts, put things in order and follow the deadlines, analyze all the stages of making deals, including interaction between employees and work with client Base.
CRM-system is good for wholesale companies working with customers, as well as with suppliers. Ideal for team work. Among the advantages is the rapid introduction of the program and easy development for full-time employees.
The program includes the following reports:
"Where did the customers come from?"
- Effective calls.
- Sales by managers.
- Sales by managers for the current year.
- Transactions of managers.
- Customer balance.
- Price list.

Main functions:
- Maintenance of the database about customers, contractors, suppliers and other third-party counterparties;
- Control of finance. The account of debtors on payments.
- Accounting contracts with customers.
- Monitoring the validity of contracts.
- Control of transactions with clients at all stages - calls, meetings, addresses ...
- Keeping and viewing all documentation.
- Reminders of planned events.
- Maintenance of the entire staff base with photos, expenses, salaries.
- Preparation of various reports on all data. Reports can be uploaded to MS Word / Excel.
- Delineation of employee access rights to the database.
- Ability to import and export databases ...
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