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Here is the composition "Concerto Pour Une Voix (Saint-Preux)" for Guitar QUARTET. The recording corresponds with the sheet music and comes with detailed fingering. Tablature is unavailable.
The composition may be viewed, listened to, and added to cart.

The product consists of 5 parts (pdf / png*): 1 – Full Score; 2 – Guitar One´s part; 3 – Guitar Two´s part; 4 – Guitar Three´s part; 5 – Guitar Four´s part. Attached is a link to download mp3.
*At the request of the buyer.
25.04.2022 11:35:58
Замечательное переложение, всё отлично!
24.08.2021 22:34:06
Все отлично. То что надо было. Спасибо продавцу! Рекомендую!