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"Dig, fight, explore, build! There is nothing impossible in this eventful adventure game. The whole world is your canvas, and the whole earth is your colors!
Grab the tools and go! Create weapons to fight different enemies in different biomes. Dig deeper to find jewelry, money and a bunch of other useful things. Collect resources to create everything you need, and make the world the way you want it to be. Build your house, castle or even a castle! People will move to live with you and maybe even sell you things that will help you on your travels."
Additional Information
The buyer who left a positive feedback after purchasing the game will receive a gift on his Email in the form of activation key for Steam! The keys are distributed within 24 hours of the time of writing the review.
1. You must download and install Steam (if not already installed)
2. Enter the LINK received after the purchase into the browser for the transfer. (If you give a friend, then you need to copy the REFERENCE without going over it, and transfer it to a friend)
3. Log in to the site
4. To accept a gift
5. Select - add it to your inventory or to your library. (Not all gifts can be taken in inventory!)
02.08.2022 15:18:40
все классно
22.07.2020 23:18:25
Спасибо! все пришло быстро! Покупайте продавец не обманывает!
17.05.2020 4:53:15
Всё работает, красиво и быстро.
04.04.2020 17:15:03
товар получен!
25.02.2020 18:11:21
Продавец хороший. Всё без обмана.
21.02.2020 14:37:47
Шустро и круто
21.02.2020 10:45:25
Честный продавец. Оплатил-получил
30.04.2019 20:48:54
Все пришло. Товар рабочий. Смело покупайте.
30.04.2019 17:26:15
Продавец молодец не обманул на деньги!Не бойтесь люди
13.04.2019 13:42:20
Получил игру, всё супер! Рекомендую продавца !!!
12.01.2019 17:12:10
Все очень хорошо
15.11.2018 21:50:14
Все супер, Спасибо!
25.05.2018 19:13:22
Все супер
18.04.2018 8:11:16
Все классно! Ключ работает! Спасибо продавцу!

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