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The "No recoil" script for Logitech mice in PUBG removes most of the vertical recoil for the BERYL, significantly improving accuracy and thereby increasing the effective range against opponents. Your mouse should be supported by the Logitech Gaming Software, or GHUB software.

The script were written for a 42-round mags, for the mouse sensitivity settings in the game: for 1x - 50, vertical sensitivity multiplier - 1.0, FOV - 103.

If the mouse sensitivity settings in the game are too large for you, or too small, then you can change the dpi of your mouse, this will not affect the work of scripts.

"CapsLock" - enable/disable the script. Press the CapsLock key on the keyboard, the CapsLock icon will light up, and the script will be activated. Press the CapsLock key again to disable the script, and the CapsLock icon will turn off.
Demonstration of recoil removal from a weapon with a caliber cartridge - 7.62:

If you have a G304, G305, G602, G603, G604, or a similar mouse that cannot be connected via wire and if your scripts are not working stably on it, it is better to sell such a mouse and buy yourself any wired Logitech mouse to use the scripts properly.

If you have a G600 mouse, you should use only the GHUB program.

It is recommended to run the Logitech Gaming Software or GHUB with administrator privileges.

Sometimes, GHUB may glitch, causing the scripts to stop working, and in such cases, it needs to be reinstalled.

Third-party programs that can use the mouse´s side buttons, such as Discord, may cause issues with running the scripts, so keep this in mind.

Using profiles for games in GHUB and Logitech Gaming Software is not recommended due to potential anticheat issues. It is better to use a desktop profile with the persistent attribute.

If you have a large number of profiles, script interruptions may occur. This means that at some point, recoil reduction may not work.

You should also be familiar with the button numbering on the mouse.

In newer versions of GHUB, various problems may arise. If you cannot resolve issues in the newer GHUB versions, it is advisable to download an older version of GHUB from the link:

After installing the older version of GHUB, make sure to disable the "Enable Automatic Updates" option in the program settings.
31.07.2023 20:09:13
не работает....
извините, с пылу с жару не разобравшись начал говном кидаться! Все хорошо работает! Спасибо!

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