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Macros of the No Recoil class, they are also LUA scripts for logitech G-series mice that support Logitech Gaming Software and GHUB, in the game PUBG, they almost completely remove vertical recoil from the BERYL.

The scripts were written for a 40-round mags, for shooting from a standing position in first person for the mouse sensitivity settings in the game: for 1x - 50, for 2x...4x - 47...48, vertical sensitivity multiplier - 1.0, FOV - 103.

If the mouse sensitivity settings in the game are too large for you, or too small, then you can change the dpi of your mouse, this will not affect the work of scripts.

When the script is turned on, the ScrollLock icon on the keyboard will light up; when the script is turned off, the ScrollLock icon will go out. When switching between different recoil removal modes - flashes.

Enabling scripts is carried out by a single click of the control buttons of the mouse, a second click turns off the script. When you click on another
control mouse button, you will switch to another mode of recoil removal.

5th mouse button - BERYL.
4th mouse button - BERYL with a compensator, or with a vertical foregrip.
6th mouse button - BERYL with compensator and vertical foregrip.

There are also separate recoil reduction modes for different scopes. Control is carried out using the third mouse button (pressing the wheel).

1x (front sight, collimator, holographic sight) - this mode of recoil removal by default is enabled after starting the script (NumLock and CapsLock are disabled).

2x - the recoil removal mode for this scope is activated after the first single click on the third mouse button (NumLock on the keyboard will light up).

3x - a second click on the third mouse button will turn on the recoil removal mode for this scope (CapsLock will light up, NumLock will go out).

4x - the third press (NumLock and CapsLock, both icons are lit).

The fourth press will return to the 1x sight and so on in a circle.

"v3.1.92 (v3.3.92)" - after enabling the script, removing recoil for scopes 1x...4x by pressing the left mouse button. When the right mouse button is pressed - fixed recoil removal mode for 1x scope (mouse sensitivity settings in the game, for shooting from a third person - 47). That is, for example, you have turned on the recoil removal mode for the 4x sight, then for shooting from the third person you will have the recoil removal mode for the 1x scope.

"v3.2.92 (v3.4.92)" - removing recoil in these scripts only when the right mouse button and the left one are pressed. If you do not press the right button, the left button will work as usual. That is, these scripts are for the aiming mode, in which aiming is carried out by holding the right mouse button down.
"v3.1.92 and v3.2.92" - these are versions of scripts for Windows 10 version 1909 and below.

"v3.3.92 and v3.4.92" - these versions of scripts for Windows 10 version 2004 and higher, use in the event that v3.1.92 and v3.2.92 do not work.

If you have a G304, G305, G602, G603, G604 or similar mouse that cannot be connected to a wire. And if your scripts do not work stably on it. Then you better sell such a mouse and buy yourself another, any wired Logitech, in order to use scripts normally.

If you have a G600 mouse, then you should use only the GHUB program.

If your scripts do not work stably on a wireless mouse, then you need to connect the wire and run GHUB or Logitech Gaming Software with administrator rights.

Before installing the GHUB, you must have Logitech Gaming Software installed.

The Logitech Gaming Software, or GHUB program is best run with administrator privileges.

There have been cases of negative impact of Windows 10 version 2004 and higher on software from Logitech. Scripts may not work as they should and, if necessary, you need to increase the mouse sensitivity settings in the game. But, if this does not help, then you need to install Windows 10 version 1909, or lower.

Sometimes the GHUB can is buggy, the scripts stop working and you need to reinstall it.

Third-party programs that can use side mouse buttons, for example Diskord, can cause problems with running scripts, keep this in mind.

Profiles for games in GHUB and Logitech Gaming Software, it is better not to use because of possible problems with anti-cheat. It is better to use a desktop profile with the "persistent" attribute.

There is also a theory that a wi-fi router can interfere with the operation of a wireless mouse.

If you have a lot of profiles, then script interruptions are possible. That is, at some point, there will be no recoil removal.

You should also be familiar with the numbering of the mouse buttons.

In new versions of GHUB there are problems with importing scripts, with their preservation and launch. The problem is resolved if you select English in GHUB.

If you cannot solve the problems in the new version of GHUB, then you need to download the old version of GHUB:

After installing the old version of GHUB, you immediately need to clear the check mark in - Enable automatic update.
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