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Test Synergy. The rating is good.
An error in the co-ordination of the co-ordinate with the cope with the prospect of ...
Mark the correct answer:
About twenty people attended the competition.
Saved half a million rubles.
Part of the premises is equipped with new equipment.
In the section there were only six students.

In order that he might not come upon the foe of the twins, it is necessary to develop ...
Mark the correct answer:
aesthetic attitude to the world
intellectual abilities
linguistic abilities
perceptual abilities

Unbelievable are: "...".
Mark the correct answer:
The presentation should encourage action.
The purpose of the information presentation is to advertise, promote, introduce new ideas, services, products, programs.
A spontaneous reaction is not typical of a small audience.
When conducting a presentation in a large audience, it is not recommended to ask open-ended questions, i.e. questions implying detailed answers

An internal document is ...
Mark the correct answer:
transmittal letter
request letter
official letter of request

Unbelievable are: "...".
Mark the correct answer:
The speech impact during the presentation should increase from the beginning to the end of the speech.
The larger the audience, the less it reacts to what is presented and the more to the person who presents it all.
Business presentation is recommended after 18 hours
An important task of the presentation is the need to present information in such a way as to generate interest and draw attention to the subject of the presentation.

Kind of hearing, with the help of a kontopomuyuyu with the help of the settled connection (with the help of active use of the unregulated means, remedy,
transferal), is called ...
Mark the correct answer:
directional, critical

The workplace caused by the necessity of the projects is ...
Mark the correct answer:

In consonance with the literary language, adopted in the terms of the official community, the companion falls on the second word of the "..."
Mark the correct answer:
tor you

To listening attentions are concerned ...
Mark the correct answer:
inadequate speech volume
habit of thinking about something else during the conversation
interlocutor’s manners distracting from hearing
too fast paced interlocutor

The business case, in which the technical performance of the task or other task is affected, is ...
Mark the correct answer:

Bather style in the business community arises when ...
Mark the correct answer:
partners have different ways of verbal and non-verbal behavior, which they use in interaction with people
the interlocutors use different vocabulary, not understanding each other, that is, “they speak different languages”
partners have different motives for coming in contact
one of the interlocutors is not very fluent in the language in which the conversation is conducted

The business case caused by the reluctance to solve various conflict situations arising in the organization is ...
Mark the correct answer:

The presentation is called ...
Mark the correct answer:
public presentation to the interested audience of something new (ideas, product, service)
a meeting of members of an organization to discuss something
meeting, meeting of representatives of any organizations, groups, states, and individuals to discuss and resolve certain issues
meeting of state, public, scientific figures with representatives of the mass media for information on current issues

In terms of "His desire to become a Chelping Security", the provision of such an error as ...
Mark the correct answer:
use of words in .....
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