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Expression "As folks, flowers, twigs and fruits express their form, form and species, the life of planting, as well as religious, political, political,
business educations give the expression to the life of a kyltyra, in this sense, and each one of them is a significant personal life with funerals
inevitably contributes to all the epochs of kyltyry, to which it encloses "priniadlezhit ...
Mark the correct answer:
A. Toynbi and N. Danilevsky
L.I. Mechnikov
F. Nietzsche
O. Spengler
Mr. Rickert

Christianity has risen ...
Mark the correct answer:
in 1 c. dn in ancient Egypt
in 1 c. ne in the territory of ancient Rome
in 1 c. ne in Greece
in 1 c. ne on the territory of the Roman Empire

The book "Shut Evpopy" is attached per ...
Mark the correct answer:
F. Nietzsche
K. Marx
O. Spenglera
M. Muller
B. Malinovsky

Co-ordination of a general economic theory, Kiltru ect ...
Mark the correct answer:
a reflection of the processes occurring in the production sphere, the result of people´s attitude to the means of production
reflection of the basic values ​​of society, the form of their implementation and residence
the result of creative, transformative activities of representatives of the public elite

Kyltypa - this is ...
Mark the correct answer:
a set of artifacts representing the results of a spontaneous or purposeful activity of a person, which has found expression in objects, actions, symbols,
images, ideas, experiences, processes that have a certain material or psychological value for a person, meaning, directing further activity
a set of knowledge, beliefs and ways of acting based on symbolic thinking and social learning
areas of activity related to the self-expression of a person, the manifestation of his subjectivity

F. Nietzsche said that the kylypa is ...
Mark the correct answer:
peculiar only to man way of reflecting objective reality on the other side of good and evil
struggle against time and the transcendental realm
organizing chaos in oneself by deliberately returning to one’s true needs; culture is only a thin apple peel over the world of chaos

The term "hardware" is being transmitted from Latin language as ...
Mark the correct answer:
product focused natural activity
second artificial human nature
energy found in material carriers
artificially made

Fetishism - this is ...
Mark the correct answer:
kinship with animal ancestors
belief in the existence of alien beings
belief in zooanthropomorphic creatures
belief in the magical power of a particular subject

E. Framm determined that religion is the ...
Mark the correct answer:
opium for the people
any system of attitudes and actions that a group of people adheres to and which gives an individual the meaning of life and determines his actions
any system of attitudes and actions that a group of people adheres to and which gives an individual a system of orientation and worship creates acceptable material
living conditions
any system of attitudes and actions that a group of people adheres to and which gives an individual a system of orientation and worship

First of all, the faith in the law is ...
Mark the correct answer:
Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition
only Holy Scripture
Scripture and Tanach
Sunnah and Sacred Tradition

... DETERMINED, THAT SOVE - this is not a “fault”, before which a person is not responsible
Mark the correct answer:
Z. Freud
V.V. Kozarzhevsky
K.G. Jung
V. Frankl

The term "time of the oceans" introduced the new equipment ...
Mark the correct answer:
M. Sullivan
L. Ya. Sternberg
K. Jaspers
Charles de Bross

Kyryptyrnye Universities - this is ...
Mark the correct answer:
general categories expressing the meanings of human existence and activity, basic life principles, determining their thoughts and actions
morality, religion, conscience, truth ....
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