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Submitting the religion is the next thing to understand ...
Mark the correct answer:
worldview, part of which is a combination of phenomena and objects of the real world endowed with the imagination of people with magical power and capable of controlling and
determine the behavior and activities of people in society
any culture illuminated by religion
a set of methods and techniques available in a religion for the realization of human existence that are realized in religious activities and are represented in its products

Yylypa in the widest sense - this is ...
Mark the correct answer:
collection of material artifacts
everything that for many centuries was created by mankind and opposed to nature
the science of creativity and created

A killer battery is ...
Mark the correct answer:
any product of spontaneous or purposeful activity of a person endowed with meaning, value, something humanized and inspired
belief in otherworldly forces
symbolic component of human experience

The term "time of the oceans" introduced the new equipment ...
Mark the correct answer:
K. Jaspers
Charles de Bross
M. Sullivan
L.YA. Sternberg

The awesome Kilts are developed in Kilters ...
Mark the correct answer:
peoples who have reached a high level of trade
ancient german peoples
all ancient peoples without exception
peoples in whose economy agriculture played a key role

The book "Shut Evpopy" is attached per ...
Mark the correct answer:
K. Marx
B. Malinovsky
O. Spenglera
M. Muller
F. Nietzsche

Fundamental Kylturology Exhales…
Mark the correct answer:
genesis and general patterns of cultural development, its typology, the relationship of culture with other social phenomena
everyday and cultural characteristics of the peoples of the world, as well as the problems of their origin, settlement and interrelations
connection of culture with other areas of society

F. Nietzsche said that the kylypa is ...
Mark the correct answer:
peculiar only to man way of reflecting objective reality on the other side of good and evil
organizing chaos in oneself by deliberately returning to one’s true needs
struggle against time and the transcendental realm

Core disorder is a criminally deterministic ...
Mark the correct answer:
J.-J. Rousseau
I. Kant
I.P. Greder
D. Vico

Combining the material and the spiritual - this is ...
Mark the correct answer:
key vital function of culture for human survival
the essence of human nature
cultural artifact function

The term "kylpypa" from Latin language is translated as ...
Mark the correct answer:
"Cultivation, education, education"
"Meaning, meaning"
"Social value"

A sophisticated touchscreen kit - this is ...
Mark the correct answer:
universal element of culture
cultural form
cultural system
social form

Socialization is the ...
Mark the correct answer:
the individual’s comprehension of sociocultural norms, values, the adoption and assimilation of various roles and ways of interacting with other people
result of education, training of a person and concentration of his life experience
habit of living with people, unification of personality, adaptation to life in society

N.Y. Danile´s review of the way ypy is like ...
Mark the correct answer:
uniform and universal
individualized and collective
unique and indivisible
living, unique and individualized collective

E. Tylope books book ...
Mark the correct answer:
"Social and cultural dynamics"
"Primitive World"
"Primitive Culture"

K.G. Jung believed that the main symbolic figures of any religion always express ...
Mark the correct answer:
socio-economic structure of a particular society
religious dogma
certain moral and intellectual installation

Young teenagers - this is a killer, created by ... on her ....
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