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The program MY FLEET is designed to automate the accounting of vehicles, keeping a history of cash transactions on costs and revenues, service planning, repair, notification of upcoming events, the history of refueling, creating waybills for trucks, cars, tractors, self-propelled equipment and much more.

My vehicle FLEET program is suitable:
for motor transport enterprises, organizations that have fleets and want to keep a convenient and simple accounting of vehicles, be aware of upcoming events.
for motorists who want to control the events of service, as well as the cost of maintaining the car.
To work, You need to install MY FLEET on your computer or server once. Access to information takes place on your local network or via the Internet from anywhere, at any time.

Forms of waybills included with the program:
The directions of the bus (form No. 6)
The directions of the bus non-public (form No. 6-special.)
Waybill of automobile (jib self-propelled) crane
Truck waybill (form 4-C)
Truck waybill (form 4-P)
Truck waybill (form 4-M)
The waybill of the car (the form №3)
Directions special vehicle (form 3-a spec.)
The directions of the construction machine (form of ESM-2)
The directions of the tractor (form 412-APK)
Waybills Individual entrepreneur (form PL-1)

Additional module "WAREHOUSE"

The Warehouse module is designed to automate warehouse accounting: accounting of goods, receipt, write-off, consumption, accounting of orders not only from customers but also from employees of your database, linking the consumption of goods to vehicles. The module allows you to display all the information on the number of goods remaining in stock, to maintain all the supporting documentation - to prepare invoices and receipts, invoices. It is possible to add, edit documents (templates) to your requirements, print price tags, etc. This module is an addition to the program "My fleet" and at the request of the buyer is purchased separately.
Read more about the program and you can download it on the website:
20.08.2019 13:17:56
Удобная, легко подстраиваемая под нужды автопарка программа. Ничем не перегружена.