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Promo code for 300 balls (rubles) in the store OZON (Ozone). ONLY for NEW users (read more below)
️Points can be paid 25% of the order amount ️

1) is Valid ONLY for NEW ACCOUNTS placed after November 1, 2018, which still no orders!
2) the Code is activated ONLY in the mobile app

Instruction for use:
1. Download the Ozon mobile app.
2. Register and log in to the application.
3. In the section "Code words and certificates" activate the code word, 500 points will be credited to Your account.

NEW account - is an account that is registered immediately before or after the purchase of the code (preferably) or an account on which no action was performed and if you are 100% sure of it (i.e. no orders were made, no codes were entered and nothing was done at all). But it is more reliable just to register 100% new account at once.
If you use a mobile phone number that has previously been used on another Ozone account and any codes have been activated, it is NOT guaranteed that you will be able to activate the purchased code, because a new account with an old phone number will NO longer be new to Ozone. In this case, you will need to rent for 2P. temporary phone number, activate the purchased code, and then you can already change the phone number in the Ozone account to your old number.

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