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🚀 You will receive a PlayStation Store Payment Card (PSN Gift Card) code to top up your balance with 10 $ (dollars) for the US region, instantly and automatically to your e-mail specified during the ordering process.

🔵 Suitable for replenishing the PlayStation Store balance on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PS VITA, PSP, PSP Go consoles.
👉 Linking a bank card is not required.
🔴 To activate on an American account: Region (Country) of the account - United States (USA), Currency - dollars (USD).
❗️Digital keys purchased by mistake (due to inattention) cannot be returned or exchanged.

🔑 Key activation on the PSN website -
💳 When registering a new account, choose tax-free states: California (CA), Florida (FL), Delaware (DE). This way you won't pay any additional tax on your purchases!

📌 Description:
PlayStation Gift Cards are a great way to replenish your wallet balance in the PlayStation Network service (PlayStation Store) and purchase any playstation games, services or game content for your console.
🎁 How to get a GIFT 🎁

✅ Leave a positive review on your purchase with the words "I want a gift"
✅Duplicate this message in the CORRESPONDENCE tab on the order page.
✅ As a gift, a key to an inexpensive, random steam game will be sent.
✅The key will be sent within 72 hours.
🔵 Top-up cards (other denominations):

⏺ PlayStation Store (PSN) - $10 (US) Payment Card -
⏺ PlayStation Store (PSN) - $25 (US) Payment Card -
⏺ PlayStation Store (PSN) - $50 (US) Payment Card -

🕹️ Key Activation:

1️⃣ Sign in to PlayStation Network on your PlayStation system.
2️⃣ Select the PlayStation Store icon.
3️⃣ Select "Redeem Codes" from the menu bar in the PlayStation Store.
4️⃣ Enter your code.
5️⃣ Select "Confirm" to complete the code activation.
🔷 You can also redeem the code at

😉 If everything went well 👌 then please leave a positive review 👍
And we, in turn, will give you a 🎁 key 🔑 from an inexpensive, random steam game.

We are always happy to help you and answer your questions.

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