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And King Arthur had to go hunting and meet a magic deer! Now John and Mary must find, catch and bring this animal to the king, and objections are simply not accepted. Since there is little repair at the sweet couple’s ranch, and there isn’t a lot of entertainment in the medieval castle, the Yankees enthusiastically take up the search, putting in order, as usual, order in all the surroundings.

And, although a deer can carve gold coins with its hoof, gold cannot solve all problems. Therefore, the workers diligently dismantle the rubble, build and repair, John fights against skeletons, gremlins destroy great obstacles, and Mary conjures the heroes to go first to the enchanted forest, then to the island of Avalon, and then even to travel around Camelot. And all because the meeting with the deer entailed a host of other problems related to the curse and the enchanted tapestry.
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