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Uploaded: 02.11.2021

Positive responses: 62
Negative responses: 0

Sold: 100
Refunds: 5


Seller: Voronpb
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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$50 the discount is 3%
$100 the discount is 4%
$300 the discount is 5%
$500 the discount is 7%
$1000 the discount is 10%

⚡ Ultimate Edition:
- Season Pass
- Set "Urban Jungle" (3 heroes)
- 3 masks
- 4 weeks of VIP status

⚡ The Season Pass includes an add-on with 2 episodes and other content: bonus missions, 4 characters with unique abilities, a Dedsec car skin, and access to Watch Dogs Complete Edition!
Set "Golden King"
- The Uneasy Lies mask
- The Serpent Sisters Weapons skin
- The Lux Car skin

System requirements:
Operating system: 64-bit Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 / AMD Ryzen 5 1400
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 / AMD Radeon R9 290X
Sound Device: DirectX Compatible
Free space on hard disk: 60 GB
13.12.2021 10:52:01
working well, + helped me in logging in again after so many days
18.10.2021 18:05:50

Была не большая проблема но продовец быстро ответил и помог! Теперь все идёт отлично! 😁 Буду и в следующий раз брать у него 😃
29.09.2021 19:30:05
fast easy reply for me best seller so far :) other ones are s*ht
05.08.2021 14:48:31
it worked nicely !
29.07.2021 14:09:33
The seller was very understanding, understood my problem and resolved it peacefully
10.07.2021 15:16:15
Всё хорошо сначала думал, что меня уже обманули, но это оказался новый способ от передачи аккаунта 3 лицам. (очень действенный)
15.06.2021 16:44:02
Всё отлично! Отзывчивый продавец.
14.06.2021 12:58:00
Awesome seller, fast response and responsible
14.03.2021 17:58:29
Really a very concerned and successful seller. Thank you for everything.
14.03.2021 12:43:17
Good seller...always supporting...bought many accounts and happy from his service and support
13.02.2021 14:56:52
03.02.2021 22:06:01
27.01.2021 7:22:35
easy to use
23.01.2021 22:17:52
Все работает, спасибо продавцу!
22.01.2021 17:34:29
nice it works
21.01.2021 19:34:05
Всё работает. Спасибо!
17.01.2021 17:13:43
top seller and great support, i had a problem with the game but the seller resolve it very quick
10.01.2021 22:55:41
great service!!!
02.01.2021 21:30:05
Все ок!
26.12.2020 0:01:15
Thanks to the seller, he/she did everything I needed with teamviewer and answered all of my questions <3 <3 extremely recomending!!!!!
16.12.2020 12:55:15
Works fine, best seller
13.12.2020 12:58:47
Nice game
09.12.2020 10:30:48
work like charm ...
wonderful seller!!
06.12.2020 19:26:55
Ультра крутой чувак! Всё чётко сделал! Спасибо дружище!
03.12.2020 16:47:04
все круто были проблемы с игрой помогли решить рекомендую продавца
02.12.2020 23:39:29
Best Seller. Recommend. Helpful. Always available to help. Quick Delivery
02.12.2020 15:51:32
he helped me very kindly and carefully. i faced a problem at first but he fixed it. i feel comfortable that he can help me anytime when he is available. now i´m gonna enjoy this game. i vouch for him.
02.12.2020 14:51:10
Great Work !! All working!
30.11.2020 17:02:49
Все круто
28.11.2020 23:42:34
no problems
26.11.2020 14:48:55
Продавец хороший.Отвечает при любой проблеме и входит в положение рекомендую.
24.11.2020 20:15:04
didn´t work for me exceley seller agree to refund me +
22.11.2020 17:16:07
Все отлично! все работает!
20.11.2020 2:32:33
19.11.2020 20:49:08
По началу не устанавливалось, но продавец помог и все сделал через teamviewer.
19.11.2020 20:46:28
отличные ребята) помогли
18.11.2020 11:00:33
Someone else is logging into the account, unable to download the game and the account Is therefore useless.

Edit: The seller has agreed to refund the amount.
10.11.2020 21:32:18
Спасибо продавцу за то что помог с проблемой))))) Теперь могу спокойно играть
10.11.2020 19:02:31
Working nicely.
09.11.2020 18:11:22
Была проблема, но все исправили, 11/10
09.11.2020 18:06:29
Были проблемы,но продавец помог и решил их.
08.11.2020 0:06:10
Seller replies very quickly and solve all your problems if you get into any trouble. I recommend him.
07.11.2020 23:26:00
After some time of having the issue the seller helped and was considerate even after some issue on my end occured.
nice person afterall
07.11.2020 22:17:04
Все отлично сделали вручную когда сам не смог. Зашли настроили. Огромное спасибо!
07.11.2020 15:19:05
Продавец помог с проблемой, товар рабочий.
07.11.2020 14:47:32
Продавец быстро реагирует на возникшие проблемы и помогает в их решении
07.11.2020 13:07:54
The seller is very concerned and always helpful. I´m playing smoothly. I recommend the seller to everyone.
07.11.2020 11:43:22
There was an error.
but, they tried to solve my problem for two days. The seller was very friendly and the results were fantastic.
06.11.2020 18:30:03
Всё отлично товар получил продавец помог с решением проблемы.
06.11.2020 14:30:18