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Borderlands 3 for Xbox One Includes Digital Update for Xbox Series X | S! On Xbox Series X, you can enjoy 4K gaming at up to 60 frames per second in both single-player and online. You can also invite your friends to visit and fight enemies together in a split screen mode that supports up to 4 players.

Everyone´s favorite loot shooter is back to delight you with a bazillion killer barrels and a mind-blowing new adventure! You will have to conquer worlds never seen before, playing as one of four new Vault Hunters - unrealistically tough peppers, each with unique skills, abilities and modifications. Acting alone or with friends, you will have to fight furious opponents, rake up more trophies and save your home from the ruthless psychopaths who lead the most dangerous sect in the galaxy.

You must prevent the Calypso twins from uniting the bandit clans and crushing the galaxy under you. Only you, the reckless Vault Seeker, will have allies and an arsenal sufficient to overwhelm these reptiles.

You will be able to reincarnate as one of four new Vault Seekers, each with unique abilities, a wide range of skills and countless modifications. The Vault Seekers are a formidable force individually, but together they are simply unstoppable.

Choose from a myriad of different guns and gadgets, and each skirmish promises a new mountain of trophies. Cannons with autonomous bullet shields? In stock. Rifles capable of generating fire-breathing volcanoes? By itself. A weapon that grows legs and chases enemies while spewing curses? We have this too.

You will visit worlds outside of Pandora, each with its own unique landscapes and unique enemies. Harsh deserts, ruined cities, deadly swamps - and more await you!

You can at any time unite in a team over the network or sit together at the same screen, and neither the level of the character, nor the degree of passing the game is important. You will deal with the enemies all together, but you will reap the fruits of victory - each separately. No one will be left without trophies!
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22.04.2023 13:17:19
Я никогда никаких VPN ов не ставил. СПС инструкции и ссылкам. Через секунд 45 после оплаты уже качаю игру. ребята ОГРОМАДНЕЙШЕЕ ВАМ СПАСИБО. Пожалуй и остальные лоты куплю у вас, раз так выгодно предлагаете.
27.01.2023 13:21:39
Продавец топ, всем рекомендую.
Быстро, надежно, дёшево)
28.07.2022 23:06:04
12.07.2022 9:06:11
Всё супер. Код прилетел сразу, всё сработало. Спасибо!
14.06.2022 12:48:32
все прошло отлично
06.04.2022 0:41:18
02.03.2022 8:47:37
все работает, спасибо!
10.02.2022 10:43:06
Ключ рабочий, все отлично.
26.11.2021 11:21:33
Всё работает, уже успел пройти, спасибо большое!!!
07.02.2021 15:10:22

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