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Date of an exit: August 12, 2021.
Age rating: 6+
Developer: Cafundo Estudio Criativo Eireli
Publisher: Buka Entertainment
Localization: Russian (interface and subtitlings)
System of activation: Steam
Region: Russia

Welcome to the world of the Tetragon
— the huge mysterious Universe with unique game mechanics, inventive puzzles, magic labyrinths and difficult riddles. It is the real call for those who missed games in the spirit of TheRoom, TheWitness and TheTalosPrinciple. Your purpose — to change position of the worlds in space, manipulating the gravitation! Use levers of rotation and move towers to help the brave woodcutter to pass Lucia through splinters of the worlds and to find for the son! About the Tetragon: Somewhere in another dimension there is a Universe weaved from the separate realities called by the planes. These planes soar around a sacred crystal — Tetragena. From the beginning of times the evil was not found in this generous world, but once mysterious dark energy from nowhere appeared and began to grow … Later time it generated the strange being intending to destroy Tetragen and to cast the world of the Tetragon into chaos! Eventually the being carried out conceived, and the crystal Tetragen broke into a set of splinters. Using all the force, the Spirit of the Tetragon took a dark being prisoner, but was not to save a crystal any more. To restore the destroyed peace, the brave hero who will be able to collect Tetragen´s splinters is necessary … Your task on this travel — to solve riddles, slowly but surely laying a way to the purpose. Using Tetragen´s strength, you can change the provision of the planes and towers, to create platforms and ladders, and even to rotate the world round its pivot-center! Features of a game: Hundreds of puzzles, labyrinths and riddles based on rotation of the world around and movement of towers. Create an own way in a labyrinth of realities of which the Tetragon Universe consists!
The unique game mechanics capable to throw down a challenge even to skilled fans of puzzles!
More than 40 various levels united in four magic worlds. Immersing the player is deeper and deeper in reality tunnels, the world of the Tetragon will offer more interesting and intricate riddles!
Epic battles and touching story about the father who is looking for the gone son. On the way Lyutsy has to cope with all dangers trapping him and battle the powerful enemy as a result to return the son Gerry and to save the Tetragon Universe!
Tetragon (steam key) -- RU -
Tetragon Soundtrack (steam key) -- RU -
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