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Date of an exit: August 12, 2021.
Age rating: 6+
Developer: Cafundo Estudio Criativo Eireli
Publisher: Buka Entertainment
Localization: Russian (interface and subtitlings)
System of activation: Steam
Region: Russia

Attention! Start requires Tetragon.
Fantastic musical compositions will captivate and will ship you in the world of Tetragon. You feel tranquility and the real pacification during listening of melodies. Shroud yourself in bewitching mysticism together with a set of musical compositions from the maestro Yuliusamiotto right now! List of soundtracks: Cold Morning
Fruitful Forest
Gnik Gates
Gnik Castle
Gnik Dungeon
Ancient Stones
Night Forest
World´s Will
The Last Battle
Lucio´s Death
Cold Night
Tetragon (steam key) -- RU -
Tetragon Soundtrack (steam key) -- RU -
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