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Date of an exit: January 1, 1993.
Age rating: 12+
Developer: Ocean Software
Publisher: Ziggurat
Localization: English
System of activation: Steam
Region: CIS, Russia

Sometimes the best friend of the person has to work overtime.
They say, it is never impossible to awake the sleepwalker, but how about the one who sleepwalks on roofs of the city of Kipsvillya, through a local zoo, down in a cave crypt and through the active building site? The faithful dog of Li, Ralf, has to look after it, neutralize dangers and it is safe to conduct it home, in a bed, without having woken him. It is just one more mad night for very good boy! This amusing game developed by CTA Developments represents an amusing and unique view of platformers puzzles. It is delightful an absurd prerequisite of a game it is recovered ​​ thanks to clever game process, cheerful animation and solutions of puzzles which will force you to feel clever when you loudly laugh. Clear away a way! Spend Li safely through six huge levels, directing him in the right direction, moving away from its way enemies and obstacles and even lifting it on new heights.
Turn into a bat, be filled with helium and do everything possible that Li safely came back home - and fell asleep!
Complete bonus stages to learn that Ralf secretly wishes that he happened to Li as a result of his sleepwalking. Bad dog!
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