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Date of an exit: October 15, 2020.
Age rating: 6+
Developer: Simon Boxer, Twice Different
Publisher: Humble Games
Localization: Russian (interface and subtitlings)
System of activation: Steam
Region: CIS, Russia

Plunge into the world of vaults, in each of which you are waited by unexpected meetings and an unpredictable circle of accidentally generated cards! Watch the events and plan the courses. To collect more bonuses or to destroy disgusting monsters? The choice for you. You should look for valuable objects, to battle against monsters and to meet new characters. Cards in a circle react to each your action. A fast game or considering of each step — choose the rhythm in this fascinating step-by-step strategy in a genre of "roguelike". However you watch closely the movements. The ambush can wait for you or something is worse... Consequences of your choice are known to you that helps to concentrate on the most important — decision-making! You can see that on mind at beings in this hostile world ready to blow up just about. To disappear or wrap up vault forces against the monsters inhabiting it? Only the correct position will help to survive. One wrong move — and everything is over... Watch a circle and draw conclusions. Study, be resourceful, another there is no exit. Live chests leave the choice of a treasure for you. Take necessary and make combinations of the equipment supplementing each other. It is possible to rely on the speed and dexterity, having armed with the poisoned blade. It is possible to use brutal destructive force or to play with fascinating power of fire and explosions. Get what will allow you to reach heights, or use found in these depths which are not knowing mercy. In depths of the game Ring of Pain novel ways which you should open are. You are waited by the new friends, valuable finds and mysterious couplets hiding sense of the events. You will find oases with bonuses and dreadful creations which it is better to leave alone. The most brave will be rewarded for the courage... Or will become the victims of own self-confidence. In the dark it is worth going carefully. Be uncertain — horror that cannot be overcome.
Key features: 16 main vaults and 2 endings which will become your decisive test.
An opportunity to unblock the difficult mode for those who especially like to suffer.
An opportunity to unblock daily vaults with 40+ specific modes of a game.
25+ of additional roundabout vaults with bonuses and unusual meetings.
4 zones with the different atmosphere, each of which are distinguished by the special grade of horrors.
280+ objects, available in process of passing, from which it is possible to choose 15 for the stock.
50+ of beings whom it is necessary to get acquainted and learn to handle. Some of them are friendly, some are ruthless...
Dynamic step-by-step mechanics: you can play the fast game or concentrate on strategy.
Mysterious history which consists of short couplets in process of playing the game.
Original graphics in the afantaziya Universe.
Dear friends young frogs.
Pain and sufferings.
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