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Date of an exit: December 1, 2020.
Age rating: 18+
Developer: Sector D2
Publisher: Humble Games
Localization: Russian (interface and subtitlings)
System of activation: Steam
Region: CIS, Russia

Project Wingman is an action with fighting flights in which the emphasis is placed on the polished and refined game process, fidelity to roots and an attractive single game. A game is ideal for those who look for not easily mastered simulator, and a high-speed and intense action with flights. Fly and battle in fighting zones within the alternative history of Earth. Go to cold waters of the Bering Strait, attack tanks on severe magmovy fields of Yellowstone or go deep into the sekvoyny woods for striking blows on not planned purposes in the Pacific northwest, on different sides of oceans, over the regions which are torn apart by war around the world — in this war you will move from one exotic battlefield to another, constantly overcoming the problems which are out of your cognizance.
Clean action with fighting flights
Exotic weapon, such as relsotrona and devices on geothermal energy, will be ready to save you in heaven if you behave carelessly. Be you the pilot of the attack plane flying over the earth with the Gatlinga machine gun and rocket launchers on a wing or the interceptor having almost sniper long-range missiles — everything depends on you how to prove to be the pilot expert. The Gain mode In the Gain mode having elements of games of genres roguelike and RPG you will be involved in unequal fights with various bosses and squadrons of experts and to occupy territories. Players should earn a lot of money that not only to buy the new plane, but also to create own army of mercenaries which will allow to resist to waves of harder and harder opponents within performance of a set of the changing tasks. Virtual реальностьВ a game can use a font of virtual reality: the player will be located in a cabin of the military plane, plunging into dizzy fights better. Add to it full compatibility with the peripheral devices HOTAS and the personalized curves of axes, and you will be able to receive desirable impressions of a game, using any peripheral device with support of DirectInput. Key features: Interesting, various scenarios and locations which you never saw earlier
Fascinating single campaign
More than 20 various planes and more than 40 types of unique weapon at your disposal
Different types of enemies, such as huge mechanical fortresses and guns from relsotrona
Check the skills in the Gain mode and battle against hordes of opponents
Do you want other "Gain"? You make changes to the taste by means of modifiers
The beautiful three-dimensional clouds drawn by means of TrueSKY
Management with a possibility of change of a binding and compatibility with HOTAS with support of DirectInput
VR support
22.11.2021 17:40:19

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