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Date of an exit: January 1, 1990.
Age rating: 16+
Developer: Infogrames
Publisher: Ziggurat
Localization: English
System of activation: Steam
Region: Russia

You the beginning conjurer upon termination of study. During a course on opening of doors in the temple of the Great Wizard you clumsily achieved disappearance of all bottles and rolls which it so carefully classified for many years. It is excessive to say that the rage of the Great Wizard is also big, as well as your chances to fail a final examination. Therefore if you sometime want to gain the diploma of the conjurer, you should collect the most part of the scattered bubbles and rolls...
It will be hard because they were thrown into the parallel worlds where the unscrupulous gods envying strength of the magician govern. Despite the strong anger, the Immense Wizard will allow you to use the potions which are contained in bubbles or the magic words traced on rolls to protect itself. Then it will follow you throughout all your adventure thanks to the crystal sphere, and he will use the boundless force to transfer you from one world to another and to return you life if circumstances are fatal. Nevertheless his patience is much more limited, than its opportunities. That is why it will give you life only twice then you will be subject to its most awful punishment.
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