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Date of an exit: February 23, 2018.
Age rating: 12+
Developer: All Those Moments
Publisher: Ultimate Games S.A.
Localization: English
System of activation: Steam
Region: Russia

Attention! Start requires Earthworms.
Remarkable game music "Earthworms" was created from darkness and silence by Pyotr Surmachem. And what he is a great sculptor! If you also like mysterious game melodies, as well as to us, support Pyotr and buy a soundtrack!:) DLC consists of 15 tracks in MP3 format: Intro (1:36)
The Riddle (3:09)
Village (4:08)
Forest (4:11)
Basement (3:02)
Canyon (3:31)
Spiritual Desert (3:58)
Portal (3:36)
Time Drops (3:27)
Generator (3:18)
Alien Lullaby (4:52)
Trance (2:17)
Dreams (4:21)
Ending (1:39)
Bonus - Early music concept (3:07)

Earthworms Soundtrack (steam key) -- RU -
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