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Date of an exit: October 22, 2020.
Age rating: 18+
Developer: Otherworld Interactive
Publisher: tinyBuild
Localization: English
System of activation: Steam
Region: CIS, Russia

"Hello Puppets! VR" is the adventure comedy of horrors which turns your hand into the living speaking puppet by the name of the Scout. A few years ago the unsuccessful forgery of "Sesame Street" under the name of "Gandimena Mortimer" was cancelled and forgotten, but puppets from series recovered, they the true evil, and they have plans for you. Your only chance of escape is a little less angry intelligence agent. Work together with the Scout to escape from angry puppets of Handeemen, did not become too late yet! In 1986 the fire destroyed studio where the failure children´s performance "Mortimer´s Handeemen" with manual dolls was removed. Eight people, including the creator of a show died. Since then it is rumored that ghosts live in the fused cover of a warehouse. You play for the reporter from college which broke to check whether rumors are truthful. You are going to receive more, than expected. "Hello Puppets! VR" is a fascinating game of horrors in virtual reality with a highlight: on one of your hands the sarcastic, talking smut reasonable puppet by the name of the Intelligence agent got stuck. The intelligence agent - not your ordinary character partner: you are not pleasant to her, and you do not love her, but you should work together to avoid the spiteful act of "Gandimen Mortimer" called by the disappeared magic spell. wrong. You run from psychotic puppets, and your only friend - the puppet who, in her own opinion, "a little less angry".
Key features: Unique combination of horrors and comedy. Fancy characters and skvernoslovny sarcasm of the Scout will raise a smile on your face directly before the angry puppet jumps out of darkness on you and will turn it into shout!
The intelligence agent - is more, than the ordinary character partner, she is alive, and you can interact with her, using the revolutionary mechanics available only in VR. She remembers how you treat it, and differently reacts to situations depending on the fact that she thinks of you.
Difficult, difficult puzzles and the emerging frightening objects will not allow you to relax. In a game frightening events of high intensity and cheerful puzzles of VR which will check your ability to work together with the Scout alternate.
"The puppet mode" allows you to turn into the intelligence agent and to see the whole world from absolutely other point of view. Use "The puppet mode" to solve puzzles, to run away from enemies and to learn secrets about the world "Hello Puppets!"
The rich knowledge hidden worldwide tells the terrifying and gloomy and comical story. "Hi, puppets!" it is filled with secrets which will enrich and will add intricate plot of a game.
The DESCRIPTION of CONTENT FOR Vzroslykhrazrabotchiki describe content so: Your character - the bosom friend sometimes swears (the devil, блять, shit). Also there is one hung-up body, blood spots, the garbage can with animated films (is not realistic) also the chopped-off corpse (it is also not realistic). Blood does not occur in real time, but it is possible to find a requisite of animation horrors in the environment (blood spots, body bags (without blood) and Frankenstein´s dolls).
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