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Date of an exit: January 1, 1992.
Age rating: 18+
Developer: Ocean Software
Publisher: Ziggurat
Localization: English
System of activation: Steam
Region: CIS, Russia

Saving mission for the bewitched and dangerous lands!
Nekrilus Not really darling kidnapped Elisa and holds her captive in the gloomy and terrifying lock! The brave elf Cornelius has to move off in searches of rescue of the true love from an awful fate. The great number of rascally beings, artful puzzles, traps and difficult platform tests stand between Cornelius and his beloved, but they will not equal to it and his magic ring! The arcadian adventure of Nirvana Systems will please you with a fascinating platformer and game process with firing. Blow up the enemies by means of the updated arsenal of magic spells, collect unique objects for a travel of the huge world and use the detailed system of the menu for interaction with the characters and strange beings who are found on the way. Key features: Go to a travel on the bright and colourful world of the mystical woods, ancient ruins, extensive lakes, artful swamps, dark caves and snow-covered mountains to reach the Nekrilusa lock.
Improve the attacks, speed and magic on the way and become rather strong to defeat Nekril´s henchmen.
Receive surprising abilities: use more and more powerful spells, throw bombs into the enemies, rise into the sky by means of the flying device and many other things!
Unblock several endings on which your actions influence ways to Elisa´s rescue.
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