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Date of an exit: January 30, 2020.
Age rating: 18+
Developer: NotGames
Publisher: tinyBuild
Localization: Completely in Russian
System of activation: Steam
Region: CIS, Russia

Listen, buddy is not really and difficult. You choose foreshortenings, you cut advertizing, you muffle curses. Just don´t forget that in what light you will show these people, can affect their lives. Don´t worry - will pay anyway! You get to the 1980th, the alternative world which plunges into anti-Utopia more and more deeply. Become a part of team of the Vecernje novosti in the middle of political scandal and rising to the power of the radical government about which a certain celebrity already managed to write the book. You came to be tidied up to studios - but on a twist of fate in a moment already became the person on whose decision depends that For Broadcast will air it is the promotion simulator with a fascinating plot in which you influence what will be tomorrow. Switch between four cameras, control headline news, muffle curses - and all this on the air. What will you choose - to subject news to censorship and to earn a reward for it, or to open to the world the truth, but then to live with consequences of the decision?
Not For Broadcast will appear in early access with three finished levels soon. With assistance of players the release of ten levels is planned, in each of which you will be waited by various consequences of your decisions. Decide that to show - Entertain the audience by means of the skills of installation. You are an artist, air - your cloth.
You watch a format - Muffle curses... or "unconfirmed" information. News have to be suitable both for children, and for repressive political regimes.
Control headline news - Reputation of some people from now on in your hands: what does the audience, the new beloved of the famous football player or his passion to binge learn about? You will be able to influence not only its defect, but also his life.
Put advertizing - the Balance of your bank account directly depends on what advertizing will appear on air. For quality advertized you... you don´t answer.
Show must go on! - Don´t cancel air at all. News nothing will stop, even a 5-mark hurricane!
Be more cheerful - Participation in dirty games of politics oppresses you? Try to relax - In order that with team of the Vecernje novosti to experience all range of emotions (for joy to horror), one advertizing break suffices.
The DESCRIPTION of CONTENT FOR Vzroslykhrazrabotchiki describe content so: Content of a game isn´t intended for children and can offend sensitive adults. Often strong language, the male and female nakedness which hastily is painted over meet, and subjects of euthanasia, conspiracy theories, political radicalism and atheism are also touched. And abundance of jokes on acute social subjects. And periodic infliction of harm for the sake of comic effect.

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