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Date of an exit: June 20, 1997.
Age rating: 6+
Developer: QLOC
Publisher: Toplitz Productions
Localization: English
System of activation: Steam
Region: Russia

When in 1997 Industrial Giant was for the first time released, the world was in financial chaos and the shocking events which will concern all history, the world of chess was shocked, and some would tell that it was the end of the game. The Deep Blue computer playing chess defeated the champion on chess Garry Kasparov, the stock markets failed because of panic of a global economic crisis worldwide, and Microsoft becomes the most expensive company in the world estimated at 261 billion dollars. So, can seem that when this game was released on the game market, the world was in the financial movement, and the markets were in chaos, but you could make work better?
You need to find a way to profit in Industrial Giant to prove the management skills in this business simulation of resource management. Test huge heights and tremendous depth of the industry giant! The plant, shop and several trucks - the simple beginning can become the beginning of outstanding career! Build all types of factories, buy raw materials at the favorable price and you make products which will bring you glory and wealth. All you need is now, is the correct advertizing strategy - and to watch how cash desks in your recently opened shops are filled. Learn what you can make in the industry of toys and sports items. Earn money on jewelry and furniture. Also be ready to calls of a computer era. Automotive and electronic industry will demand your organizational skills. What for the competition? They begin to give an inconvenience? Then by them! If you have enough money, then all. Or make the companies more successful, than others! So nobody will be able to stop you on the way to success … Industry Giant represents simple and convenient teams in combination with high degree of complexity, but at the same time it is easy to understand them.
Key features: Modeling of economic strategy in real time
Infinite number of the game worlds
All types of the industries and more than 30 products
To three intellectual computer opponents
Set fascinating pit and single missions

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